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IncisionX, May 15, 11 1:33 PM.
There is now an Add-Ons Box! There are links to useful add-ons.

Raids and recruiting

Dethorn, May 13, 11 4:24 PM.
Hey guys, Dethorn here again. I think we should start a recruiting drive but more aimed towards recruiting active 80's trying to gear up. I've been on alot lately and the amount of guild participation in raids is horrible... oh and not to mention we have like NO healers in the guild. Brutama does get an honorable mention here though because he made an alt toon and had it at lvl 80 in less than a week (Shadowsram) it's not hard guys! Hell I've heard that a properly geared priest/druid can destroy even the toughest tanks. Also I personally would like to set up more guild raids. No one is gonna get good loot in dungeons by themselves so we might as well help each other out! So let's do some raids this weekend! I would utilize the raid calender feature on our site however, no one has signed up for the site yet!!! I know it looks cool but hey its supposed to be used not looked at haha. See you guys in-game! 

Guild Roster

Dethorn, May 12, 11 3:04 AM.
Before I goto sleep, I made sure I uploaded the guild roster... this process involves uploading a dotlua file from the WoW install folder... so the roster will not be 100% accurate at all times. As of the posting of this news the roster is up to date, seeing as I was the only one online in the guild at the roster download time. 

On another note.. guys, unfortunately to us using a private server, the links that the toon names have will not take you to the correct armory site. I will attempt to get it to point towards the Molten-WoW armory but it's not looking too promising (can't directly edit the website it goes to) considering the armory it's going to is retail and it's STILL not correct. 


Dethorn, May 12, 11 2:29 AM.
Everyone please download the Gearscore add-on... found at the Add-on Forum topic...

or for the more lazy guild members...just click here!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dethorn, May 12, 11 12:45 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!


Welcome everyone to the UNDER CONSTRUCTION guild site for the Order of Bloody Entrials (duhh )
We are all currently in the process of programming and editting the features of this site. If you are a part of the guild and would like to aid us (and have HTML/webmastering experience) please either email me at: teaguesy[AT] or mail me on here after creating an account. Hopefully the site will be up pronto, and we will work around the clock (well when we aren't busy gaming ) to update the site, and get it in tip top shape for guild management!

(Chase T.)
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